Mental Health


Person Sitting in Dark Holding Head

Mental Health is often misunderstood as a mental condition, which is not.

Mental Health is a state where every individual realises his or her capacity and mental potential which can help the person be more fruitful and productive in life.

There is a difference between mental health and mental health conditions. To discriminate mental health with mental conditions, experts use different words such as ‘mental health conditions’, ‘mental wellbeing’, ‘subjective mental wellbeing’ and ‘positive mental wellbeing’.

There are also arguments for this as some find it clear to understand but others say they are all confusing to yet understand the differences.

To make it a bit simpler, mental health is a unit used to measure the mental health condition of a person. Mental health can be the most important parameter that is going to link to your mental wellbeing.

That being said, mental health in itself is not easy. Not having a mental condition does not mean that a person is fit regarding mental health. Mental health is more about being emotionally and mentally strong just like physical health is all about being fit and physically flourishing.

Mental Health